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I've been unsure what needs to be done to Tinyboard in order to make it a better software for our site.

In response, I'm creating this thread so you – the user, can make suggestions for me to implement into the site. Feel free to request anything. Hell, if you don't like what I've done, you can tell me that too. I'll listen.

The source code that we use for AwsumChan can be found at https://github.com/Circlepuller/Tinyboard
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As it stands, no. Bans currently handle which boards to ban from as a scalar value, not an array. Would it be possible to change this to do otherwise? It's possible. It's a bit of an edge-case though.

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Is there a board you feel belongs on AwsumChan? Tell us here and we'll make it a reality (or at least a temporary one).

[We won't honor your request if it's trash or completely illegal though.]
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I do have a lifestyle after all

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Yes hello, this is the meta board. Here, you can talk about AwsumChan, or ask the staff/users questions.
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There was a short bit of downtime where I upgraded the server to the latest version of Debian. After upgrading some packages, the site should be running smoothly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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So I keep thinking about tinyib. It is only 1.5 mb of files, and it can do anything other imageboards can do. It can even deploy in flatfile mode, which makes it so anyone can set up an instant site on just about any php server.
Instead of trying to modify 50mb or so of thousands of files of code, why not just build on tinyib? Tinyib proves that one does not need thousands of files to run an imageboard. So wtf do ppl have thousands of files in like vichan for? Every single file is another potential way to do an sql injection or xss injection. For example, people in the know can run one of the files, for example just point the browser to mychan.org/inc/data/hidden.php AND put the proper syntax afrer the hidden.php, like mychan.org/inc/data/hidden.php?3w the ?3w can do anything, reveal ip's manipulate the db, anything. It seems that chan boards don't give a rats ass about security, and they all just say oah gee let us know if there are any bugs.
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> I feel imageboards and *chans in general are becoming a niche thing.

Unfortunately this is true. Meanwhule you can see that there are a lot of communities rising. I mean, look at this: http://textboard.org/prog. It's basically a textboard with LISP enthusiastics. I feel that even though imageboards are dying, specific communities are being born in a fast-paced manner.
But as you said, it's becoming a niche thing.

>I think it's all based on what the developer is trying to achieve.

You're 100% right here I have no comments to make.

>User accounts are a highly controversial topic in imageboard software, see https://wakaba.c3.cx/shii/ for more on that.

This is an awesome reading, thank you for sharing this. As accounts I would not identify them to other users. It would have the same aspect as the "(You)". It's debatable or I could make it optional, I don't know to be fair. I would not require an e-mail I guess as it would be a hell of verified tripfags. hah

>I do feel that imageboard JSON APIs should try to follow a general standard in the sake of compatibility.

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Thanks to this post i deployed some TinyIB instances and found out it isn't 1.5mb…
but 600KB!! (after some simple optimizations and deleting unnecesary folders)
so yeah it is light as all fucks and i think with some more optimization (the developer like line breaks and spaces a little too much)
you could get it to 580KB without too much trouble, maybe even less, later im going to try and make an instance as small as possible.


I just read the part about removing the db code which i agree on and will later make a fork to do so, removing that code could easily make it 550KB or even less, god i want to make an instance 500KB so bad


Anon, I didn't forget about our conversation, but the pandemic just made me start my life from the bottom again. Sorry about that.



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Did you see Vichan now has a new maintainer? and he seems to want to actually work on Vichan.
I myself am happy and can't wait for the huge mess that Vichan currently is to be slowly fixed with time.
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Thanks for the heads-up, I have a fix coming in the next commit. (a lot of the code base >implies array keys exist, rather than actually checks for them - this is inherently bad)


One more:
Visiting search.php throws this error:
>Using the "Twig_Node_Expression_Constant" class is deprecated since Twig version 2.7, use "Twig\Node\Expression\ConstantExpression" instead.
All my composer stuff is updated to the latest.


This is an issue related to Twig's i18n extension. I don't think there will be an immediate fix for this as it'd require a complete rewrite of Tinyboard's translation functions to use Symfony's translation component libraries and file format. It's quite the hurdle to do alone, but I would be all for someone helping out with it.

My only quick fix for this at the moment is to just not use search.php. I know it's a pretty shitty way to handle this but it's an issue that requires fixing a much bigger "issue" to fix it.

Sorry for both the delayed response and the sorta mediocre answer.


op here again, 3 commits in 5 months is not what I expected, and one seems to be just a theme.



If you're talking about the new vichan maintainer, I didn't expect /too/ much to happen. A single maintainer is definitely not enough to overhaul a decently sized codebase imo. I can't say I'm any different.

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any workaround?


Are you using reCAPTCHA by any chance? Just trying to troubleshoot possible causes of this.


Nope. It's installed locally from xampp.

File: 1614800933082.png (11.38 KB, 1920x1080, 1572210252534.png)


I would like your opinion on the best infinity engine to use.
OpenIB from 8chan?
And i wont use lynxch, too bloated.


fuck off L0in


Kill yourself.

File: 1616016332378.png (8.24 KB, 537x161, imagen_2021-03-17_182409.png)


I don't know if this is the correct board to ask this, but I really can't understand why this error appears, should I configure a php file? thanks community!


Yes, the AwsumChan theme expects $config['categories'] to be set. Look in inc/config.php for info on how it should be set.

Also, consider using a newer version of Tinyboard, I can't guarantee compatibility with older releases.


Thanks. Could you send me the link of the version that you recommend? I would be very grateful.

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When someone is in the admin panel, under recent posts/erase local data, when I click on erase local data it does nothing. What is that for?

2)would it be possible to have it so only a subject is required? I was thinking that doing so could possibly reduce server load and also make things easier for the user. Like if someone wants to just upload an image, if the body is required then the person just usually enters random keys in the comment like wsfr. Just an idea.


File: 1552501780117.bmp (944.55 KB, 1723x187, New Bitmap Image.bmp)

When one disables requiring anything, it is possible to just press send and it goes through as a blank post like in the pic. Would it be possible to put error correcting in there to prevent that? Also if one selects a file and also a youtube embed is entered, it they will not both show up in the post. Maybe error handling telling the person they can't do a file and embed?


Tinyboard already allows you to change the requirements of an OP post:
$config['force_body_op'] and $config['force_image_op']



No shit. But that's not what the question asked. Never mind anyway, php is for faggots, I found an imageboard coded in GoLang.


Lol okay


File: 1610798759477.png (201.94 KB, 1120x753, AC3.png)


Came across some old images, surprised this site still exists.
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Perhaps Naix?


I currently own 0.00052 Bitcoin and slowly growing, Bitcoin will reach 100K in 2024, by then I will probably have like 0.008 so 800 dollars yeehaw.


what the fuck I posted this on /cr/


You sure? Posting on other boards, including >>>/cr/ seems to work fine.


I probably fucked up myself

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