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Feature Requests

I've been unsure what needs to be done to Tinyboard in order to make it a better software for our site.

In response, I'm creating this thread so you – the user, can make suggestions for me to implement into the site. Feel free to request anything. Hell, if you don't like what I've done, you can tell me that too. I'll listen.

The source code that we use for AwsumChan can be found at https://github.com/Circlepuller/Tinyboard
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Did you see Vichan now has a new maintainer? and he seems to want to actually work on Vichan.
I myself am happy and can't wait for the huge mess that Vichan currently is to be slowly fixed with time.
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posting to bump the cp off the front page
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dead board
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I would like your opinion on the best infinity engine to use.
OpenIB from 8chan?
And i wont use lynxch, too bloated.
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do i have to have a gui to run tinychan?
im trying to get it installed on a debian vm but the whole ugly dependency thing!
cant EVERYTHING be in a container so you just need minimal instal linux and docker, or am i super dumb?
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your fork

Is your fork more stable or secure than reg vichan? What are the benefits of your fork over mainstream vichan? Also do you do php work? If i end up using your fork on my site would you be a consultant for it? Just easy shit like best setup options, a bit of help setting up cache, and very minor style changes. It should be super easy for you, and it would pay good.
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Question part 1

So I keep thinking about tinyib. It is only 1.5 mb of files, and it can do anything other imageboards can do. It can even deploy in flatfile mode, which makes it so anyone can set up an instant site on just about any php server.
Instead of trying to modify 50mb or so of thousands of files of code, why not just build on tinyib? Tinyib proves that one does not need thousands of files to run an imageboard. So wtf do ppl have thousands of files in like vichan for? Every single file is another potential way to do an sql injection or xss injection. For example, people in the know can run one of the files, for example just point the browser to mychan.org/inc/data/hidden.php AND put the proper syntax afrer the hidden.php, like mychan.org/inc/data/hidden.php?3w the ?3w can do anything, reveal ip's manipulate the db, anything. It seems that chan boards don't give a rats ass about security, and they all just say oah gee let us know if there are any bugs.
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Board Requests

Is there a board you feel belongs on AwsumChan? Tell us here and we'll make it a reality (or at least a temporary one).

[We won't honor your request if it's trash or completely illegal though.]
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quick-reply.js causes this problem

any workaround?
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problem installing awsumchan theme in tinyboard

I don't know if this is the correct board to ask this, but I really can't understand why this error appears, should I configure a php file? thanks community!
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When someone is in the admin panel, under recent posts/erase local data, when I click on erase local data it does nothing. What is that for?

2)would it be possible to have it so only a subject is required? I was thinking that doing so could possibly reduce server load and also make things easier for the user. Like if someone wants to just upload an image, if the body is required then the person just usually enters random keys in the comment like wsfr. Just an idea.
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Came across some old images, surprised this site still exists.
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PHP 7.4 support I am beggin you, 8.0 is almost out and I don't care much about it but 7.4 is nice.
Also is the archiving system complete? or is it missing something or works wonky?
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Did you look at php 7.4 yet? Regular vichan is totally broke on it. Was wondering if your version will adapt to 7.4 or or at least make a patch for it so there is a 7.4 version. This will be a big deal to get it working for php 7.4, as php 8 will be totally different and require major overhaul. But at least ppl can run it on php 7.4 for a long time.
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Name a reason why I should use this instead of TinyIB, also greetings from 28chan :^)
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So far iOS is our last major obstacle (screw IE lol).

Is there any polyfill usable on Tinyboard (i.e. something to easily add to $config['additional_javascript'] or $config['url_additional_javascript']), to make pics viewable on iOS browsers?

Yes I know about pagespeed and the likes. I don't like keeping extra sets of converted images. It defeats the purpose of saving space.
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ur site is pathetic and ur a fat boy

catl iinx chan is better than your poop ha ha ha ha. Yeah, you "HAVE BEEN WORKING" on it for like 2 years, and you still have crappy software that breaks with every php change. Grow up and just use liiinxxxxxchan, stupid!
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Github repo?
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new chan made

For ppl interested in chans, npfchan maker finally made the new chan code in asp… im not sure if the code is avail to pub tho. Demo at https://mlpol.net/ — idk if its any good (the new code) but since npfchan was quite amazing, it may be just as good. Who knows.
R: 7 / I: 1
What's this?
I got this problem when I install it manually.
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how do i get capcodes working

i cant seem to get it working do i put !45erte in the custom_capcode field or some thing
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About cache options

I'm trying Redis. When I try to rebuild there's this error:
>Function Redis::delete() is deprecated
Seems renamed to del() or something. Please update the code?

NPFchan added memcached support sometime ago. Is it easy to port that?

Between these two which do you prefer for Tinyboard?
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catalog issue

Hi, Do you know of any catalog issues? If you go to a test board at https://4usa.com/board/b and then go to the catalog , the style sheet links on bottom appear twice and do not work. I re-installed the catalog theme and rebuilt the board a bunch of times, to no effect. The board is only set to have a few posts, but that should not have anything to do with it. Is it maybe because I have too many style sheets enabled? Not a big deal at all, just wondering if you knew of any issues with this.
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text board



// Configuration
$name = 'BBS';
$background = 'cadetblue';
$text = 'black';
$defname = "Anonymous";
// End of configuration

// HTML character escaping
$p = htmlentities($_GET["p"], ENT_QUOTES | ENT_IGNORE, "UTF-8");

// If request is to post, writes to file
if ($_GET["p"]){
$bbs = '<hr> ';
if ($_GET["n"]) {
$bbs .= "<b><font color=\"#117743\">$n</font></b>";
} else {
$bbs .= "<b><font color=\"#117743\">$defname</font></b>";
if ($_GET["a"]) {
$bbs .= " - <b>$a</b>";
$bbs .= " $mydate[weekday], $mydate[month] $mydate[mday], $mydate[year]";
$bbs .= '<br/>' . $p . "<br/>\n";
$bbs .= file_get_contents('v.htm');
file_put_contents('v.htm', $bbs);
header("Location: ./ ");

// Site navigation and style
echo "<body style=\"color: $text;\" bgcolor=\"$background\">";
echo "<title>$name</title>";
echo '<meta http-equiv="pragma" content="no-cache" />';
echo '<a href="index.php">Refresh</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a
href="/">Home</a>&nbsp;&nbsp&nbsp;&nbsp; ';

// Name and post form
echo "<br/><center><h1>$name</h1></center>\n";
echo "<center><form method=\"GET\"><textarea name=\"p\"></textarea><br/><input type=\"submit\" value=\"Submit\"></form></center>";
echo '<br/>';

// If file does not exists, creates empty
if(!file_exists("v.htm")) {
file_put_contents("v.htm", '');

// Prints contents of file
$file = fopen("v.htm", "r");
while(!feof($file)) {
echo fgets($file). "<br/>\n";

R: 3 / I: 0
Could you make [create new thread] link that shows/collapses the post form? This makes browsing from mobile phones so much more enjoyable and looks nice. I really want to implement that in a production site. One example here - https://16chan.xyz/b/ (which is annoying because he intentionally made it not function from iphones) 4chan and npfchan has it too, probably the best looking is npfchan.
It is rather minor, but seems to really make a huge difference in the feel of the boards, especially from mobile. Check this out, then make sure to check it from mobile!! https://4usa.com/z1/ It makes probably the worse looking chan (viewed) from mobile phones (tinyib) look nice on mobile phones, way less awkward!
I can up the patreon for 1 month to whatever you want as payment for the mod. Maybe it would be easy to implement the npfchan style? Not sure, and i would rather have it done by a pro instead of just hacking something myself, as this will be on a production server.
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Mwech was here

Ever hear of lynxchan? At least if you had a lynxchan site you would be having a shitty site that not one person comes to and a patreon acct with zero subscribers - but at least it would be modern. A php site like this with thousands of lines of code just to post a file is nothing short of absolutely laughable and just shows what an idiot you are.
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site questions

1) is your board able to run on php 7.4 yet?
2) you say you took out some of the unnecessary code on the repo, but then since one has to use composer, it essentially ads thousands and thousands of lines of code from all the dependancies in the composer files. THis seems both unnecessary and a profoundly huge security risk. So why is your way any safer or better than just installing vichan?
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Welcome to /aw/

Yes hello, this is the meta board. Here, you can talk about AwsumChan, or ask the staff/users questions.
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possible bug?

So i'm on a vpn and maybe that's why- but write the comment, and hit send. it says one needs to do the verification, fine, so it has a back link. After hitting the back link, one sees a blank comment area, the text is gone. I can get the text back by hitting the browser back button twice, interestingly enough.

Sometimes it does the same thing if I forget to enter an image. When I hit the link it gives to go back, the text is blanked out, but if I hit the browser back arrow twice it brings back the text of the comment.

It may just be the vpn that I use causing this effect. Sometime maybe you can see if you can recreate the possible bug? Sometimes the back button works and the comment is still there, sometimes after one sees the error message that says one forgot to send an image or do the captcha, the comment text is gone
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>over 1.33 years later
>still no music and frames
R: 1 / I: 0
So, I had to build a new computer, and I didn't have the IRC information saved anywhere. Could you help me out, Circlepuller?
R: 2 / I: 2
where's my frames and music asshole

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