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Is there a board you feel belongs on AwsumChan? Tell us here and we'll make it a reality (or at least a temporary one).

[We won't honor your request if it's trash or completely illegal though.]


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Literally crypto general plz.



I have condensed >>>/ta/ and >>>/vi/ into a new board >>>/ga/

I hope combining the two will help create a less fragmented discussion on games.


FRAGMENTED DISCUSSION? You delusional fat piece of shit, in order to have a FRAGMENTED DISCUSSION you would have to have at least one person posting.


I did that in hopes that it'd be more likely to happen. Also, you seem mad.


Ant chance for a bestiality/zoophilia themed board? Old 8chan had them separated by art (/beast/) and irl (/zoo/), but it's ok if they're together.


No. (Server is located in USA so US law applies to content here)


Thanks for the reply.


Is zoophilia illegal though? I saw a hosting service located in the US that allowed zoo because its not illegal.



While legal in some states and at the federal level, it is illegal in most US states. For this reason, along with the current ban on IRL porn, I'm not allowing it on here.

For more info on the content ban, check out the news post. I'll also add that there are over 9000 other *chans that specifically focus on IRL porn, so feel free to check 'em out if you're not happy about it.


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What about a fitness or cooking board? Id prefer cooking as well.


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I could do a board like that. Maybe /li/ for Lifestyle?



I do have a lifestyle after all


maybe add a bosrd where everyday the topic changes

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