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Yes hello, this is the meta board. Here, you can talk about AwsumChan, or ask the staff/users questions.


Upgraded several things today:
  • Debian 8 -> 9
  • PHP 5.6 -> 7.0
  • MySQL

Please report any issues to us and we'll try to fix them up swiftly.


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So I accidentally'd instance-config.php today..

wew lad


Please be aware that I'm going to be updating the site index with a proper look akin to what we had before things shit the bed here. Expect minor bugs with the index because of this. I'll have a dedicated thread to improving the index of the site since it's important as a first glimpse of our site, something that gives a visitor a first time impression of us.


Things seem to be going well. I'm being pestered to get the sidebar up and going, which I'm working on.

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