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I've been unsure what needs to be done to Tinyboard in order to make it a better software for our site.

In response, I'm creating this thread so you – the user, can make suggestions for me to implement into the site. Feel free to request anything. Hell, if you don't like what I've done, you can tell me that too. I'll listen.

The source code that we use for AwsumChan can be found at https://github.com/Circlepuller/Tinyboard


/an/'s catalog has a deleted thread sitting in it. You might want to figure that out


My guess is the Catalog theme doesn't respond to post deletion events, so I'll have to fix that.

Thanks for coming across that bug!

UPDATE: Interestingly, it's that it generates catalog pages, even when it's not in the list of boards to compile catalog pages for. I've fixed this in the code I'm working on.

Also, speaking of the code, I'm working on a major update to the Tinyboard/vichan codebase. In a nutshell, I'm getting rid of a lot of pointless, broken features, such as:

- NNTPChan
- "Smart" build (daemon based page generation)
- Custom vichan CAPTCHA

All of these features - as mentioned above, are fucking broken and not worth keeping in the code. If anything, The next major update after this one will be even more code cleanup in the form of uniform structure and refactoring.


As a follow up to the previous post, I've updated AwsumChan to run on this updated code, so it should be fixed.

Once again, let me know if you notice any bugs!


As mentioned in

I've added a page for frames and have in general been working on Tinyboard's user experience. (In particular AwsumChan's custom theme.) Over the next few weeks I'll be working more on the stylesheets, notably sharp.css, wasabi.css, and a new design that I've been devising over this last week. Also on the table is some major work to the JavaScript - which has became a massive shitshow of broken, inefficient code. I'm looking to create a userscript friendly framework that provides an extensible navigation menu as well as some AJAX or even realtime data services. Unfortunately it is a real massive undertaking - so it'll be a slow process to churn it out.

But next up is a news.html page and a faq.html page, as we desperately need both.


How many of the infinity features can be backported?

Backlinks, local time, colour IDs, country flags, gallery mode and such.


Country flags, local time, color IDs, and the like are already in the codebase, they were here before the infinity fork. They should still work. Although, a lot of the code is getting rusty and that's why it needs a refresh and polish.

Out of all the plugins that frustrate me right now, it's post-hover.js - I've been trying to figure out a sane way to get it to be a little more.. portable. It doesn't like to be used outside of the boards themselves (and I really wanna use it on the index). Ideally, having it pull from the API would be the cleanest way to grab the data.

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