Quit lurking. Get posting.

An Important Announcement — by AwsumChan Team at 08/06/23 (Sun) 05:36:07


That is all.

Happy 13th Birthday, AwsumChan! — by Circlepuller at 05/10/23 (Wed) 07:59:54

Today, AwsumChan celebrates 13 years of anonymous users cutting the bullshit and posting instead of lurking.

It started as a rather crude 4chan lookalike on Imageboard4Free (wow, remember that service?) and was fairly successful on there until IB4F's demise. After that, AC was revived as a Kusaba X board and existed that way until I came across Tinyboard. At the time it was radically different from competitors, so I made the (somewhat regrettable) choice of nuking the site and rebooting it with Tinyboard instead. Fortunately ever since then, it's been here, it's worked, and I've tried to leave it alone for the sake of everyone.

Anyways, we're going to be doing a movie night to celebrate this occasion - we'll be watching Airplane! Details are available on the Discord chat, and we hope you'll have some fun watching a classic comedy movie with us.

Also of note, I'll be trying to create a repository for our latest project (mentioned at https://awsumchan.org/aw/res/301.html#457) as soon as possible, as I'm excited to push forward on a new future for the site.

Thanks for fun experience so far, and I look forward to the future -


Join the AwsumChan Discord! — by AwsumChan Team at 05/09/23 (Tue) 08:20:54

We now have a Discord server that you can join and post post on. Access it at https://discord.gg/EJQu9tc7t3

We will be hosting an event to celebrate AwsumChan's upcoming 13th birthday on May 10th, so please check out the chat if you're interested!

IRL Porn Banned — by AwsumChan Team at 09/13/20 (Sun) 09:14:39

Pornography, excluding hentai and other drawn pornographic material (rule 34 for example) has been banned as a result of horrifying images posted on >>>/ra/

Please keep your ugly ass sluts off of our boards.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused, but we look forward to the whore-free zone that has become of this website.

New server hardware — by Circlepuller at 08/15/20 (Sat) 08:03:44

We've moved to non-ancient hardware, enjoy the ability to quickly exit this site faster than ever.

If you notice anything weird (bugs), let us know at >>>/aw/

Merry Chrysler — by The AwsumChan Team at 12/25/19 (Wed) 16:57:22

Merry Christmas guys, and have a good New Year void of school shootings

Regarding recent events — by Circlepuller at 08/07/19 (Wed) 20:57:22

I've published a post regarding the events that have happened over the past couple days.


Also, I apologize for any issues anyone had posting to the website. It was caused by a faulty HTTP header that I have since corrected.

Help Kyoto Animation! — by Circlepuller at 07/18/19 (Thu) 23:51:21

Kyoto Animation – an anime studio well known for productions such as "K-On!", "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya", and "A Silent Voice", suffered a horrible attack on their main office by an arsonist. So far 33 people are confirmed dead, with several dozen more injured.

To help those affected by this tragedy, Sentai Filmworks (an American distributor of anime) has setup a GoFundMe, which you can visit via the following link:

Please help KyoAni out by donating to this campaign, or by buying their merchandise via their online store:
https://www.kyoanishopinter.com/ (US only)
https://kyoani.shop-pro.jp/ (Japan only, unless you want digital content and can read Japanese)

We're being bought by Christopher "moot" Poole — by The AwsumChan Team at 04/01/19 (Mon) 22:41:33

Today I'd like to make a landmark in the history of this site - we're transitioning ownership of AwsumChan to the well-known Christopher Poole, founder and former owner of 4chan.org, creator of short lived social network camv.as, and currentl. 4chan has always served as an inspiration to AC and we look forward to such a respectable person taking over. Circlepuller met moot through connections at Google and was really open to allowing moot back into the imageboard scene.

When asked about his choice to make moot the new owner of the site in a Skype conference call, Circlepuller was quoted as saying "I feel making moot was either the best decision or the worst fucking one I've ever made". We tried contacting Poole through a Google Duo video call but all we got was a black screen and odd cat noises. When asked about what he'll do after the final switchover, Circlepuller said he would "fly the fuck outta here and go to Cancun for margaritas". Circlepuller has also told us that all current plans for Tinyboard and associated projects have been halted at this time. We apologize for this inconvenience to any users of Tinyboard.

And as always, Happy April Fools you fucking cucks.

Site Updates — by Circlepuller at 02/01/19 (Fri) 09:27:26

With it being cold as shit out, I've been stuck inside working on the site. As you can see, there's a new homepage design that isn't as fucking broken as the old one - you can actually navigate it on your phone. I'll be getting some work done on the JavaScript code for the site since it's getting rusty and gross.

Also, I've added two new boards for the testing tables:

For people who take the Initial D anime too fucking seriously.

For the handegg manchildren. (My home teams suck, I'd like to inform everyone)

As with other boards on the testing table, don't expect these to be permanent boards without some form of validation. If there's a board you want to see on here, please suggest it in >>>/aw/

Trial Boards — by Circlepuller at 12/20/18 (Thu) 23:37:09

It's that time of year where nice things come to AwsumChan - new boards.

A board for you fucking perverts to post big anime tiddy gfs since HentaiHaven (RIP) got ruined by furries and Tumblr got Yahoo'd.

I play competitive Yu-Gi-Oh (lul) so I figured this would be a board worth trying out for those who play card games or stuff like Dungeons and Dragons or Warhammer. Yes, Hearthstone is counted here.

The essential video games board. AwsumChan has almost always had a /vi/ but this iteration tried to cut the fat. Figures it'd happen alongside a tabletop games board.

If you wanna complain about your gifts, fuck off and die. Otherwise, enjoy!

We're Getting Old — by Circlepuller at 06/03/18 (Sun) 06:22:12

As of May 10, AwsumChan is now 8 years old. For something that started as a really shitty IB4F board, that's not bad at all I guess.

Also I'd like to note that behind the scenes, a lot of work is being done to the underlying Tinyboard (also known as vichan) software, and it seems to be working great. And no, we don't blindly break the site on every update.

[We make sure to see if you can still post on a locally-hosted demo]

Oh Hey It's A Holiday — by Circlepuller at 11/24/17 (Fri) 03:06:55

Happy Thanksgiving you miserable quiet fucks

Welcome back, AwsumChan! — by Circlepuller at 10/26/17 (Thu) 19:08:00

After a hiatus that lasted far too long, AwsumChan has returned! I would like to apologize for the time it took me to get the site back up despite having the resources to do so, and I appreciate the dedication and patience that the community had - it surprises me you guys stuck around this long. I would also like to thank the vichan developers for keeping the (formerly) Tinyboard codebase updated. Without that, pushing some of the updated code would have been a lot more difficult, such as reCAPTCHA v2, which is necessary for spam prevention. reCAPTCHA v1 was ineffective and a repellent for a majority of the users when AwsumChan tried it years ago.

In addition to the changes to spam prevention, I've also forced SSL use on AwsumChan to keep up with the ever-increasing necessity for privacy and security. Previously, the site lacked any transport encryption and was fairly insecure in that respect.

I'd also like to mention our IRC channel, #awsumchan, is located on m.ircd.moe, port 6667 for non-SSL users, and port 6697 for SSL users who desire a little more security when they chat.

Finally, I'd like to note that the index of the site will be experiencing several changes in order to bring back the fancy board list that it used to have, even if we don't have that many boards at the moment.

Thanks for sticking around guys.
- Circlepuller and the AwsumChan Staff