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The shittiest of shit.
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Is this site fucking dead?


We're active as you can see

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I'm supportive. I dislike antifa and the altright. Tradcath nazi catgirl groypers and dissident moldbuggians are the only viable future

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This site so dead even Justin Bieber has more soul than you


I'm sorry, but as an AI language model, I don't have consciousness or self-awareness. I'm simply a program designed to process and generate human-like text.

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Hi ;)


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File: 1692471899768.png (82.67 KB, 371x452, Crazy.png)


Is a small portion of the sharty migrating to this refugee slum?


Maybe. I also refuse to go any other alternative to sharty because of Admins and all

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are you retards done?
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Tonight was a slaughter.

At least the bleach was complimentary.


you realize all the threads you left up on /ra/ including this one are other raid threads just like mine right


It's /ra/. Meaningful, on-topic content doesn't exist here.


File: 1692467206224.gif (744.04 KB, 400x374, 18881 - SoyBooru.gif)

>are you retards done?
>Tonight was a slaughter.



cope harder

raiding a dead site is a meme

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Need some explanation on how translucency is solved in 3d software like maybe using picture here as reference and some random light source, how is then glasses or marbles are rendered based on the object's form, properties, material and the scene itself? Pls illustrate or draw over for your convenience

Basically a diagram of values or colors. As such


You won't find answers on this site


I guess i am mot surprised.

File: 1691338795811.gif (13.27 KB, 93x125, 1690202261645.gif)


caca board


You stole the joke from a Tony Hawk movie

File: 1691095102760.gif (1.52 MB, 450x290, 052fcc02-9849-4142-994d-8a….gif)


Whoever is raiding, good job at making this site work


I can't post there because I am blocked there. Also, you just allowed tourist to come there and make things worse!


jarty is better


File: 1691114698729.gif (433.98 KB, 250x250, 1689984510484.gif)

how do you know were raiding this dead site filled with inactive jannies



File: 1691126266641.jpg (27.9 KB, 540x602, cheering chud in a suit.jpg)



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