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Did you see Vichan now has a new maintainer? and he seems to want to actually work on Vichan.
I myself am happy and can't wait for the huge mess that Vichan currently is to be slowly fixed with time.


Forking hell and bikeshedding at its best again.

I really appreciate Circle’s leading work on Composerization, Twig cleanup, and most recently PHP8 readiness. I wish you and h00j can join up, exchange and share these changes upstream. It’d be a win-win.


I feel Tinyboard/vichan's biggest issues aren't easily fixed, they're more deeply rooted in the design. Does this effect the end user however? No, not really. I am glad to see there's someone on the same boat with updating the codebase though and I hope to see it continue into the foreseeable future.

h00j seems to have done a solid job at adding Composer, etc. to vichan - although he probably could have cherry-picked commits and saved himself some time, hah. If I was ever approached to make a collaborative effort, I'd be down. I'm honestly really bad at getting a solidifying a plan and it's been somewhat of a writer's block whenever I have the time to sit down and work on things.


A little bug report:

>Undefined array key "exif_stripped"

The above error happens when posting image on PHP8.
(Have you not already upgraded to 8 here and meet this problem before us?)
Flipping $config['strip_exif'] doesn't help.


This "exif_stripped" occurs only twice here so it's easy to locate.
I can only guess that "@" is the culprit or something, but not pro enough to figure how PHP8 breaks this or how to fix accordingly. So please help. Thank you.


Thanks for the heads-up, I have a fix coming in the next commit. (a lot of the code base >implies array keys exist, rather than actually checks for them - this is inherently bad)


One more:
Visiting search.php throws this error:
>Using the "Twig_Node_Expression_Constant" class is deprecated since Twig version 2.7, use "Twig\Node\Expression\ConstantExpression" instead.
All my composer stuff is updated to the latest.


This is an issue related to Twig's i18n extension. I don't think there will be an immediate fix for this as it'd require a complete rewrite of Tinyboard's translation functions to use Symfony's translation component libraries and file format. It's quite the hurdle to do alone, but I would be all for someone helping out with it.

My only quick fix for this at the moment is to just not use search.php. I know it's a pretty shitty way to handle this but it's an issue that requires fixing a much bigger "issue" to fix it.

Sorry for both the delayed response and the sorta mediocre answer.


op here again, 3 commits in 5 months is not what I expected, and one seems to be just a theme.



If you're talking about the new vichan maintainer, I didn't expect /too/ much to happen. A single maintainer is definitely not enough to overhaul a decently sized codebase imo. I can't say I'm any different.


>Vichan has next to no active development.
Vichan development is officially dead, tinyib hasn't been updated in 3+ months, what is there left for PHP imageboards? JS imageboards aren't a real alternative.
Also please update TinyBoard to PHP8


vichan has now a maintainer.

quoted from one of the maintainer basedgentoo.
>Angeleno and Kuz, the owner of soyjak.party/KolymaNET.

Whaddaya think? I know this thread is old but just curious if anyone still uses this board.


Hello, it's been a while since I've made a post on here, but I feel that this thread is a perfect opportunity to do so.

While I am glad to see that vichan has some support from some developers, I am a little skeptical of their game plan. They state support up to 7.2, but PHP has EOL'd <7.x, meaning they're kind of behind. I know Tinyboard as it sits is somewhat guilty of this as I can only guarantee functionality up to 7.4. What I've also noticed about recent updates is various contributors adding more and more features that seem more like bloat than anything, to a legacy codebase that is well over a decade old. I personally think they're just making it harder for themselves.

I want to stress that I have not abandoned this site, the users, or the software. I check periodically on here for rule-violating content and accordingly ban and or delete it. I'm really glad to see that people do post on this site, I just don't try to be the sole driver anymore. As for Tinyboard - I've realized the codebase is old and problematic: debugging is a real pain, it lacks proper code structure, and it struggles to cling on to anything PHP 8. I've kept relatively quiet on here about it, but I've nearly completed a complete refactor of the software that will run on PHP 8, and should be much easier to run on future versions. With the consideration that Tinyboard already uses Twig, I decided to use the Symfony framework (https://symfony.com/what-is-symfony) as it is a very well maintained, world-class PHP framework with components used in many other projects and frameworks. It is completely compatible with an existing database, has much better debugging tools, and much better code structure. I'm very excited to share this labor of love with the community, and I'm hoping that soon enough it can replace code that currently is running on this site.

May 10th is AwsumChan's 13th birthday and unlike previous years I will be trying to give the site some attention during this time. A news post will be made soon with a link to our Discord, where we'll be having some events to celebrate the occasion. I'm also hoping to possibly release the in-progress project mentioned in the paragraph above. I'm not sure if the Tinyboard name is worth keeping or not, so I'm open to suggestions.

I'd also love to discuss the project if anyone has questions or comments regarding it.


holy, didn't expect you to respond lol.

im glad you still keep a check on this site and try to keep out the garbage out of this site.

Speaking about Awsumchan's birthday, what do you plan to do?



I've mentioned in the Discord, as well as a news post on some of the stuff we will be doing.

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