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Did you see Vichan now has a new maintainer? and he seems to want to actually work on Vichan.
I myself am happy and can't wait for the huge mess that Vichan currently is to be slowly fixed with time.


Forking hell and bikeshedding at its best again.

I really appreciate Circle’s leading work on Composerization, Twig cleanup, and most recently PHP8 readiness. I wish you and h00j can join up, exchange and share these changes upstream. It’d be a win-win.


I feel Tinyboard/vichan's biggest issues aren't easily fixed, they're more deeply rooted in the design. Does this effect the end user however? No, not really. I am glad to see there's someone on the same boat with updating the codebase though and I hope to see it continue into the foreseeable future.

h00j seems to have done a solid job at adding Composer, etc. to vichan - although he probably could have cherry-picked commits and saved himself some time, hah. If I was ever approached to make a collaborative effort, I'd be down. I'm honestly really bad at getting a solidifying a plan and it's been somewhat of a writer's block whenever I have the time to sit down and work on things.


A little bug report:

>Undefined array key "exif_stripped"

The above error happens when posting image on PHP8.
(Have you not already upgraded to 8 here and meet this problem before us?)
Flipping $config['strip_exif'] doesn't help.


This "exif_stripped" occurs only twice here so it's easy to locate.
I can only guess that "@" is the culprit or something, but not pro enough to figure how PHP8 breaks this or how to fix accordingly. So please help. Thank you.


Thanks for the heads-up, I have a fix coming in the next commit. (a lot of the code base >implies array keys exist, rather than actually checks for them - this is inherently bad)


One more:
Visiting search.php throws this error:
>Using the "Twig_Node_Expression_Constant" class is deprecated since Twig version 2.7, use "Twig\Node\Expression\ConstantExpression" instead.
All my composer stuff is updated to the latest.


This is an issue related to Twig's i18n extension. I don't think there will be an immediate fix for this as it'd require a complete rewrite of Tinyboard's translation functions to use Symfony's translation component libraries and file format. It's quite the hurdle to do alone, but I would be all for someone helping out with it.

My only quick fix for this at the moment is to just not use search.php. I know it's a pretty shitty way to handle this but it's an issue that requires fixing a much bigger "issue" to fix it.

Sorry for both the delayed response and the sorta mediocre answer.


op here again, 3 commits in 5 months is not what I expected, and one seems to be just a theme.



If you're talking about the new vichan maintainer, I didn't expect /too/ much to happen. A single maintainer is definitely not enough to overhaul a decently sized codebase imo. I can't say I'm any different.


>Vichan has next to no active development.
Vichan development is officially dead, tinyib hasn't been updated in 3+ months, what is there left for PHP imageboards? JS imageboards aren't a real alternative.
Also please update TinyBoard to PHP8

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