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Name a reason why I should use this instead of TinyIB, also greetings from 28chan :^)


Well, I'll give a comparison of the two, because they all depend on what you want out of an imageboard.

TinyIB is installed on a per board basis. Every time you want to add a board to your *chan, you will need to install a TinyIB instance to that board's directory on the web server. TinyIB is also fast as it has a fairly small codebase and doesn't have a lot of features. You only get a single administrator account and optionally a moderator account, hardcoded into the configuration. It is intended for smaller *chans or those who wish to implement a lot of their own code to "glue" the site together.

Tinyboard manages an entire setup for you. Boards, staff, and themes (like the homepage of this website), are all managed in the web based moderation panel. There are far more features and configurable options, but the codebase is far bigger as an expense (caching features help remedy any performance concerns). Tinyboard is great for larger *chans and those who don't want to be messing with PHP code as a daily task. I used to be huge into Kusaba X (horrible) before I stumbled upon Tinyboard back in 2011.

What you get out of either solution is a tried and true PHP imageboard software that can run on most web hosts and serve a community without issue. What one of the two is based on your needs and what you want out of them. They both have most features you would want as a user, but maybe not as an admin/mod.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask.


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man i didnt know steve hired children to shill their script


Seething confirmed

Honestly just use tinyib it's good for smaller sites



This shits fucking stupid I just want to know about imageboard software and instead this guy is flaming the admin.

Reported for being useless to this discussion

Not OP but thanks for the advice


FTFY, the guy just keeps posting cringe lmao

Also look into Wakaba or Kareha if you want some non-PHP alternatives, I forgot to mention those.

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