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I'm trying Redis. When I try to rebuild there's this error:
>Function Redis::delete() is deprecated
Seems renamed to del() or something. Please update the code?

NPFchan added memcached support sometime ago. Is it easy to port that?

Between these two which do you prefer for Tinyboard?


Believe it or not, I had removed Tinyboard's support of Memcached a while ago (NPFchan never added it themselves) since it was being abused for an open exploit. This has been largely patched in most installations of Memcached so I decided to add it back since you mentioned it.
I've also changed the call from Redis::delete to Redis::del to fix that deprecation issue.
As for an opinion, I'd recommend Redis more. It has a much bigger following and seems to be more reliable since I haven't heard of any deeply concerning exploits like I have with Memcached.

Also, I'd like to note ahead of time that APC will be deprecated (and eventually removed) in a future version of Tinyboard, and I highly suggest using APCu instead.

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