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Hi, Do you know of any catalog issues? If you go to a test board at https://4usa.com/board/b and then go to the catalog , the style sheet links on bottom appear twice and do not work. I re-installed the catalog theme and rebuilt the board a bunch of times, to no effect. The board is only set to have a few posts, but that should not have anything to do with it. Is it maybe because I have too many style sheets enabled? Not a big deal at all, just wondering if you knew of any issues with this.


It was running the script twice, and with the latest commit this has been fixed. I have also done some other updates to the catalog page that add a bit more character to it: https://github.com/Circlepuller/Tinyboard/commit/e17a1807519ddd52a4eb56a646280168abab0036


hmmm…. I just installed from ur git a day ago and the same catalog thing happened to me it looks like. Maybe it did not get updated in the git?


It was updated today.
Make sure when rebuilding that you flush the template cache.


Cool! will check it out.



It all works now, thanks!


cd to board root, which is "board" git submodule init worked ok. But git submodule update failed- >>
error: Server does not allow request for unadvertised object f94be057545c43ed673fabc017bcc7f383cf2446
Fetched in submodule path 'templates/themes/awsumchan', but it did not contain f94be057545c43ed673fabc017bcc7f383cf2446. Dire ct fetching of that commit failed.
Am I doing something wrong?


4 wPaint for oekaki but you prolly know that.


Oah, sorry, disregard. Even tho I got the error on the 2nd command, Oekaki works on the board now.


Submodules should be updated now.

You may run into an error after updating. Flush the template cache without rebuilding and it should be fixed.


yup its all working great, thanks!


Does anyone know how to make a [embed] link appear after you put a video url in the message area? (like mlpol.net and lynxchan has) That is a nice feature so one does not have to have a separate youtube embed post form box. I tried a very lot to figure out the js to do it.


I'll look into incorporating mlpol.net's implementation since they run a fork of vichan that I've cherry-picked a few commits from (NPFchan).

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