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Could you make [create new thread] link that shows/collapses the post form? This makes browsing from mobile phones so much more enjoyable and looks nice. I really want to implement that in a production site. One example here - https://16chan.xyz/b/ (which is annoying because he intentionally made it not function from iphones) 4chan and npfchan has it too, probably the best looking is npfchan.
It is rather minor, but seems to really make a huge difference in the feel of the boards, especially from mobile. Check this out, then make sure to check it from mobile!! https://4usa.com/z1/ It makes probably the worse looking chan (viewed) from mobile phones (tinyib) look nice on mobile phones, way less awkward!
I can up the patreon for 1 month to whatever you want as payment for the mod. Maybe it would be easy to implement the npfchan style? Not sure, and i would rather have it done by a pro instead of just hacking something myself, as this will be on a production server.


By the way the example shown (the tinyib hack) runs from just one php file, that's it! The entire board is just a bit over 3k lines, but its all in one php file.


I have added a hide-post-form.js script that can add this functionality if you'd like it on your installation: https://github.com/Circlepuller/Tinyboard/commit/0884eb3089a60b25f268d669244499ee63107b08


awesome! I upped the patreon for a month, let me know if I owe ya anything more.

p.s- I was screwing around with the js, and some of it is not even working. It seems to be hit or miss. To make your mod simple and efficient, did you ever think about taking out potentially dangerous js like user added js under the options? I suppose user css is safe, but wow the ability to add user js is nuts, isn't it?

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