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Ever hear of lynxchan? At least if you had a lynxchan site you would be having a shitty site that not one person comes to and a patreon acct with zero subscribers - but at least it would be modern. A php site like this with thousands of lines of code just to post a file is nothing short of absolutely laughable and just shows what an idiot you are.


I'm well aware of Lynxchan and other "modern" imageboard software. Also, calling me an idiot when you can't even post a reply instead of a new thread, or even simply follow site rules is far more laughable. (lol)

I'm not trying to cash in on development of this software. I work on it because it works for me. I currently make $0 off this site and Tinyboard and I haven't made any profit off it in the past. It's a hobby.

Since you didn't seem to read my comment on your last thread, this is your last warning regarding site rules. Thank you.


You are a racist against black ppl, a fat slob, and its fucking laughable that you think thousands of lines of code is needed for a fucking imageboard. Oah and php 7.4 has been a out a long time, douchebag.


Have you even bothered trying to run Tinyboard on 7.4 yourself? You seem pretty salty, and idk why you're posting insults in here thinking I'm going to actually respond in any positive way to them. Also I have no idea why you're babbling about "thousands of lines of code" - I never defended the need for it nor said it wasn't possible without. There's several examples of imageboard software running with a low code base (TinyIB comes to mind).

Throwing the race card makes no sense here either, lmao.

Like I said earlier, Tinyboard is a hobby for me. If you don't like what I've done to it, seriously just pack up and leave.


your version calls on tons of private github repos which is thousands of lines of code. Your version is not secure and you are fat.


Me and 200 black ppl are going to have a protest outside your workplace. Shame on you for being a racist with a shitty and not secure imageboard with thousands of lines of unnecessary code! What a fat racist!


File: 1576950894414.jpg (23.72 KB, 665x574, amiretarded.jpg)

Lmao my sides, 0 to 100

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