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Is your fork more stable or secure than reg vichan? What are the benefits of your fork over mainstream vichan? Also do you do php work? If i end up using your fork on my site would you be a consultant for it? Just easy shit like best setup options, a bit of help setting up cache, and very minor style changes. It should be super easy for you, and it would pay good.


I'd argue that vichan strays away from the goals that its predecessor Tinyboard wishes to achieve. vichan has a lot of "fat" added on that could be just done through the theme system (if not, it probably did not need it anyway.)

I've had a fair bit of experience with PHP outside of Tinyboard, but I'd argue my biggest contributions to any software project are to this one.

As for consultancy, I can't really guarantee dedicated availability but I'd be more than glad to try helping you out with setting up a Tinyboard installation on your website.

I've set up a Patreon for making donations to the development of this software, located at https://www.patreon.com/tinyboard


Not OP.

I've been running infinity (as in https://github.com/vichan-devel/infinity) over PHP 7.1 so far.

I plan to set up a clean new site basing on your Tinyboard over 7.3/7.4. Is it possible to migrate old boards and posts?

To be specific, how much of the database schema is still compatible? Does it require lots of manual modification?


From what I'm looking at, the Infinity DB schema doesn't look different from vichan's at all.

If this is the case, it should be a straightforward transition. However keep in mind hotwheels/ctrlcctrlv didn't intend for users of Infinity to migrate to Tinyboard/vichan, as they are different software in terms of behavior.

To make sure you have a smooth ride, I'd backup the production site and try running a transition on a local machine first if I were you, just so your chances of having a bad day are reduced. If you notice any errors trying it, feel free to put them in this thread.

As for PHP support, I can guarantee compatibility with 7.3, and will support 7.4 as soon as it released on distros.


Right now I'm implementing archives, so look forward to that.


More questions:

What do you think about CloudFlare's "optimization" options like Rocket Loader etc.? Would they play well with Tinyboard webpages, or screw up and make things worse?

Is there still a lot of "inline" <script>s and <style>s in Tinyboard? CSP complains about them a bit.


It should be obvious- VERY obvious, that a simple imageboard should not require such a HUGE amount of files and code. There is lots of illegal shit embedded in there. Basically, ALL chan sites are honeypots to run the dark net cp sites.


Using Cloudflare on here, I haven't noticed any issues. I can't speak for Rocketloader or any of CF's paid offerings. Worth trying on a site mirror though.

Tinyboard unfortunately does use a fair bit of inline scripts and style tags. Luckily CSP does allow you to whitelist them - see our CSP for an example.

I think you're a bit paranoid. If you're a firm believer that imageboards should have an incredibly small codebase, just go use TinyIB. Although I can acknowledge that a fair bit of *chans on the dark web are harbors of illegal content. Sad.
Also, please don't try to impersonate staff, lmao


Rocket Loader is free though. Did you try it on?

Anyway another question:
I want to change a board's directory name (URL), and/or migrate it to another Tinyboard setup.
There's no auto procedure for URL renaming AFAIK, so I need to do it manually.
Where else should I look besides the board's dir and database entries?


Rocketloader and cloudflare in general are stupid. If you are that paranoid about being hacked, just lower the attack surface by not having shit ppl would want to hack. Also, cloudflare is not some magic protection, for example if someone knows the server ip address, cloudflare can be bypassed entirely- just like you do when you ssh or sftp into your own website. Lastly, if you are running code so slow where you think a cdn is ultra necessary, how about growing a brain and using a more modern technology than php. Lynxchan is a good example. Node js is far superior to php.
Sure, a few sites like Wikipedia use php still, but they have to have lots of servers at an absurd cost. Take ANY php web app, and it can be coded to be far more efficient in node js or go or something. So instead of relying on a stupid cdn, code the fucking thing in a modern language in the first place, then no cdn is needed. Basically, tards like you who shit your pants over stupid shit like rocket loader create your own problems by existing in php which is shit, outdated, and just stupid.(don't try to impersonate mods)


I haven't tried RocketLoader. I might look into it since it's free though.

As for directory changes, it's possible although you'll have to rebuild the HTML for the entire board as well as move all uploaded files and thumbnails to the new directory. You'll also have to change a lot of database entries like you said, but that /should/ be it. Tinyboard (and most imageboard software) don't intend for you to change the board URI anytime down the road.

While you do share a bunch of valid points, I don't see PHP as /that/ bad. I definitely agree that Cloudflare is not to be relied upon as a tool to prevent intrusion or dramatically increase performance. It does help smaller websites handle an increased traffic load though, which is really handy for those using a budget VPS or shared hosting package who have content that reaches a large amount of people. From my experience, people who use Cloudflare on top of a Tinyboard site generally use it to have the static content served reliably, not to "speed up" the dynamic content served over PHP.

As for the PHP hate - legacy PHP apps have been historically badly coded, easily susceptible to attacks, and inefficient. I wouldn't blame the language, but the poor code ethics that seemed to surround it for the longest time. Node.js might have better general performance but NPM has become CPAN shit show 2.0, with a lot of inexperienced developers flooding their community with really poor code (gee, wonder what that sounds like). Call me wrong, but PHP 7 has been something long needed - forcing developers to patch vague and broken code that miraculously worked in PHP 4 and 5. Sure, we might not like it, but it's for the betterment of PHP-based software.


No shit, Sherlock. Come back when your perfect project finally has these:
1. Data compatible or at least easy to migrate from/to Tb/vi;
2. Customizabiliy on par with inc/config.php, especially spamfilter and autoban regexes;
3. Platform genericity (RoR, Node, Go, whatever the next meme trend is, still hasn't beaten the popularity of plain old LA/EMP)

Regarding CDN, yes I just need cache for my cheap hosting, "security" be damned. (My nginx is configured to never serve directly outside though.) The extras are just a flip of switch away anyway so it's a loss not to explore and make full use of them.


what happened to the patreon? take my money!! and fix it, or tell me why it's not working if it should be. i want ALL THE FEATURES


>Take ANY php web app, and it can be coded to be far more efficient in node js
just, no, https://www.techempower.com/benchmarks/



The Patreon got deactivated due to lack of activity. I would reactivate it, but it would require another audit by Patreon staff and subsequent transaction activity.


So what features does Vichan have that Circlepuller/TinyBoard doesn't? Also has there been any benchmarks to compare performance between the two?

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