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Did you look at php 7.4 yet? Regular vichan is totally broke on it. Was wondering if your version will adapt to 7.4 or or at least make a patch for it so there is a 7.4 version. This will be a big deal to get it working for php 7.4, as php 8 will be totally different and require major overhaul. But at least ppl can run it on php 7.4 for a long time.


While I can't guarantee compatibility with PHP 7.4 right now, I can guarantee I will strive to have Tinyboard work on 7.4 when it reaches a stable release and makes its way to Linux distributions.

I can say that it runs perfectly fine on PHP 7.3 though. It's always been a priority of mine to make sure that Tinyboard (and by extension, AwsumChan) work flawlessly on current versions.

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