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>over 1.33 years later
>still no music and frames
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There's now a fairly nice frames setup with a YouTube playlist full of music that I feel people would enjoy, selected daily. You're welcome.


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>mfw can't post on awsumchan due to excess arguments
>mfw even when there's frames there's still no frames


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>mfw horsefucker is back


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So, I had to build a new computer, and I didn't have the IRC information saved anywhere. Could you help me out, Circlepuller?


Connect via m.ircd.moe via port 6667. If you need SSL, you can use port 6697 but expect issues with domain validation unless you connect to one of the specific nodes (dejavu, noodle, spider). As for NickServ, I can try to help you out once you're on.

#awsumchan, #chancollective, and #spacecats are all recommended channels

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where's my frames and music asshole


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