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1) is your board able to run on php 7.4 yet?
2) you say you took out some of the unnecessary code on the repo, but then since one has to use composer, it essentially ads thousands and thousands of lines of code from all the dependancies in the composer files. THis seems both unnecessary and a profoundly huge security risk. So why is your way any safer or better than just installing vichan?



1.) I still can't guarantee it until it reaches Debian or Ubuntu Linux distributions, which I test it on. My guess is it should work just fine, I'm not aware of any specific compatibility issues, but you never know what can pop up from under the woodwork.

2.) I'd argue Composer keeps Tinyboard more secure by making security related updates to dependencies as simple as a command. If exposure of these files is a concern to you, I'd be using something like .htaccess to deny viewing access. Also, Github tracks security risks that your project may have if you use a Composer dependency file. vichan is not actively developed with the exception of paid support/security.

Also, I'd like you to know I'd appreciate if you didn't create a thread for each reply you have to my comments, as well as keep the uploaded content SFW on the SFW boards. Replying to a thread and following site rules should not be a chore. Thanks.

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When someone is in the admin panel, under recent posts/erase local data, when I click on erase local data it does nothing. What is that for?

2)would it be possible to have it so only a subject is required? I was thinking that doing so could possibly reduce server load and also make things easier for the user. Like if someone wants to just upload an image, if the body is required then the person just usually enters random keys in the comment like wsfr. Just an idea.


File: 1552501780117.bmp (944.55 KB, 1723x187, New Bitmap Image.bmp)

When one disables requiring anything, it is possible to just press send and it goes through as a blank post like in the pic. Would it be possible to put error correcting in there to prevent that? Also if one selects a file and also a youtube embed is entered, it they will not both show up in the post. Maybe error handling telling the person they can't do a file and embed?


Tinyboard already allows you to change the requirements of an OP post:
$config['force_body_op'] and $config['force_image_op']



No shit. But that's not what the question asked. Never mind anyway, php is for faggots, I found an imageboard coded in GoLang.


Lol okay


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So i'm on a vpn and maybe that's why- but write the comment, and hit send. it says one needs to do the verification, fine, so it has a back link. After hitting the back link, one sees a blank comment area, the text is gone. I can get the text back by hitting the browser back button twice, interestingly enough.

Sometimes it does the same thing if I forget to enter an image. When I hit the link it gives to go back, the text is blanked out, but if I hit the browser back arrow twice it brings back the text of the comment.

It may just be the vpn that I use causing this effect. Sometime maybe you can see if you can recreate the possible bug? Sometimes the back button works and the comment is still there, sometimes after one sees the error message that says one forgot to send an image or do the captcha, the comment text is gone

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>over 1.33 years later
>still no music and frames
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There's now a fairly nice frames setup with a YouTube playlist full of music that I feel people would enjoy, selected daily. You're welcome.


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>mfw can't post on awsumchan due to excess arguments
>mfw even when there's frames there's still no frames


File: 1548532505324.jpg (451.84 KB, 1920x1080, GIMP kmSXQR.jpg)


File: 1548537690487.jpg (199.05 KB, 1204x1204, frames.jpg)

>mfw horsefucker is back


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So, I had to build a new computer, and I didn't have the IRC information saved anywhere. Could you help me out, Circlepuller?


Connect via m.ircd.moe via port 6667. If you need SSL, you can use port 6697 but expect issues with domain validation unless you connect to one of the specific nodes (dejavu, noodle, spider). As for NickServ, I can try to help you out once you're on.

#awsumchan, #chancollective, and #spacecats are all recommended channels

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where's my frames and music asshole


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