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i cant seem to get it working do i put !45erte in the custom_capcode field or some thing




Capcodes go in your name input.

<name and/or tripcode> ## <capcode>

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Did you look at php 7.4 yet? Regular vichan is totally broke on it. Was wondering if your version will adapt to 7.4 or or at least make a patch for it so there is a 7.4 version. This will be a big deal to get it working for php 7.4, as php 8 will be totally different and require major overhaul. But at least ppl can run it on php 7.4 for a long time.
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tinyboard I meant instead of tinyib


savetheinternet was always very protective of his work, and I don't ever see him willing to hand over the original repository if he ever makes a reappearance. I'm not concerned with that anyway. Any version of Tinyboard >= v0.10.0 has been from my repository.

He's not actually future-proofing anything. He's just having vichan ignore errors in future versions of PHP rather than fix them. This will eventually lead to issues that will cause unwanted behavior. Errors are meant to point out broken, bad, or flawed code in programs. While this might make sense for vichan, which labels itself as having "next to no active development", I intend for Tinyboard to be in active development for the foreseeable future, so it makes no sense to "future-proof" it by ignoring errors. Instead, I will aim to fix them as they are spotted.




BTW please look at your commit here:

Line 357 and 377

This same thing is done TWICE? Or is it intentional?
Also should the modLog() at line 366 be moved to the last instead?


Those are intentional, they're for different queries.
As for the modLog() call, it's there because the board itself has been deleted at that point, and the actions taken after that are focused on cleaning up the aftermath.

File: 1580449258246.png (4.76 KB, 240x80, redis.png)


I'm trying Redis. When I try to rebuild there's this error:
>Function Redis::delete() is deprecated
Seems renamed to del() or something. Please update the code?

NPFchan added memcached support sometime ago. Is it easy to port that?

Between these two which do you prefer for Tinyboard?


Believe it or not, I had removed Tinyboard's support of Memcached a while ago (NPFchan never added it themselves) since it was being abused for an open exploit. This has been largely patched in most installations of Memcached so I decided to add it back since you mentioned it.
I've also changed the call from Redis::delete to Redis::del to fix that deprecation issue.
As for an opinion, I'd recommend Redis more. It has a much bigger following and seems to be more reliable since I haven't heard of any deeply concerning exploits like I have with Memcached.

Also, I'd like to note ahead of time that APC will be deprecated (and eventually removed) in a future version of Tinyboard, and I highly suggest using APCu instead.

File: 1574133364625.gif (1.25 MB, 255x136, vawtf1.gif)


Is your fork more stable or secure than reg vichan? What are the benefits of your fork over mainstream vichan? Also do you do php work? If i end up using your fork on my site would you be a consultant for it? Just easy shit like best setup options, a bit of help setting up cache, and very minor style changes. It should be super easy for you, and it would pay good.
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Using Cloudflare on here, I haven't noticed any issues. I can't speak for Rocketloader or any of CF's paid offerings. Worth trying on a site mirror though.

Tinyboard unfortunately does use a fair bit of inline scripts and style tags. Luckily CSP does allow you to whitelist them - see our CSP for an example.

I think you're a bit paranoid. If you're a firm believer that imageboards should have an incredibly small codebase, just go use TinyIB. Although I can acknowledge that a fair bit of *chans on the dark web are harbors of illegal content. Sad.
Also, please don't try to impersonate staff, lmao


Rocket Loader is free though. Did you try it on?

Anyway another question:
I want to change a board's directory name (URL), and/or migrate it to another Tinyboard setup.
There's no auto procedure for URL renaming AFAIK, so I need to do it manually.
Where else should I look besides the board's dir and database entries?


Rocketloader and cloudflare in general are stupid. If you are that paranoid about being hacked, just lower the attack surface by not having shit ppl would want to hack. Also, cloudflare is not some magic protection, for example if someone knows the server ip address, cloudflare can be bypassed entirely- just like you do when you ssh or sftp into your own website. Lastly, if you are running code so slow where you think a cdn is ultra necessary, how about growing a brain and using a more modern technology than php. Lynxchan is a good example. Node js is far superior to php.
Sure, a few sites like Wikipedia use php still, but they have to have lots of servers at an absurd cost. Take ANY php web app, and it can be coded to be far more efficient in node js or go or something. So instead of relying on a stupid cdn, code the fucking thing in a modern language in the first place, then no cdn is needed. Basically, tards like you who shit your pants over stupid shit like rocket loader create your own problems by existing in php which is shit, outdated, and just stupid.(don't try to impersonate mods)


I haven't tried RocketLoader. I might look into it since it's free though.

As for directory changes, it's possible although you'll have to rebuild the HTML for the entire board as well as move all uploaded files and thumbnails to the new directory. You'll also have to change a lot of database entries like you said, but that /should/ be it. Tinyboard (and most imageboard software) don't intend for you to change the board URI anytime down the road.

While you do share a bunch of valid points, I don't see PHP as /that/ bad. I definitely agree that Cloudflare is not to be relied upon as a tool to prevent intrusion or dramatically increase performance. It does help smaller websites handle an increased traffic load though, which is really handy for those using a budget VPS or shared hosting package who have content that reaches a large amount of people. From my experience, people who use Cloudflare on top of a Tinyboard site generally use it to have the static content served reliably, not to "speed up" the dynamic content served over PHP.

As for the PHP hate - legacy PHP apps have been historically badly coded, easily susceptible to attacks, and inefficient. I wouldn't blame the language, but the poor code ethics that seemed to surround it for the longest time. Node.js might have better general performance but NPM has become CPAN shit show 2.0, with a lot of inexperienced developers flooding their community with really poor code (gee, wonder what that sounds like). Call me wrong, but PHP 7 has been something long needed - forcing developers to patch vague and broken code that miraculously worked in PHP 4 and 5. Sure, we might not like it, but it's for the betterment of PHP-based software.


No shit, Sherlock. Come back when your perfect project finally has these:
1. Data compatible or at least easy to migrate from/to Tb/vi;
2. Customizabiliy on par with inc/config.php, especially spamfilter and autoban regexes;
3. Platform genericity (RoR, Node, Go, whatever the next meme trend is, still hasn't beaten the popularity of plain old LA/EMP)

Regarding CDN, yes I just need cache for my cheap hosting, "security" be damned. (My nginx is configured to never serve directly outside though.) The extras are just a flip of switch away anyway so it's a loss not to explore and make full use of them.

File: 1579715880975.gif (101.64 KB, 128x63, 3.gif)


Hi, Do you know of any catalog issues? If you go to a test board at https://4usa.com/board/b and then go to the catalog , the style sheet links on bottom appear twice and do not work. I re-installed the catalog theme and rebuilt the board a bunch of times, to no effect. The board is only set to have a few posts, but that should not have anything to do with it. Is it maybe because I have too many style sheets enabled? Not a big deal at all, just wondering if you knew of any issues with this.
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Oah, sorry, disregard. Even tho I got the error on the 2nd command, Oekaki works on the board now.


Submodules should be updated now.

You may run into an error after updating. Flush the template cache without rebuilding and it should be fixed.


yup its all working great, thanks!


Does anyone know how to make a [embed] link appear after you put a video url in the message area? (like mlpol.net and lynxchan has) That is a nice feature so one does not have to have a separate youtube embed post form box. I tried a very lot to figure out the js to do it.


I'll look into incorporating mlpol.net's implementation since they run a fork of vichan that I've cherry-picked a few commits from (NPFchan).

File: 1579798657583.jpg (58.54 KB, 904x900, 4.jpg)




// Configuration
$name = 'BBS';
$background = 'cadetblue';
$text = 'black';
$defname = "Anonymous";
// End of configuration

// HTML character escaping
$p = htmlentities($_GET["p"], ENT_QUOTES | ENT_IGNORE, "UTF-8");

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Would you be willing to help with a serious project? I am trying to make a simple but ultra efficient text board. The example code given and link to the working instance is just a reference.


1) Ultra simple code (to future proof) but efficiency matters more.

2) possibility of having lots of posts. I will have a board for each state un the usa, and within each state in the usa there will be more boards (lots of categories). So, there is the potential that there could be lots of posts at once. I really need a board that could potentially handle it.

3) Looking for a simple interface as shown in the example. Ultra easy for poster to make a post.

4)All the posts are meant to be there for years, so some kind of archive system is needed. Something simple, like saving the archived files in simple txt files. or html like v.htm

5)I have other code which locks the board (so 2 users cant post at once) posts at the bottom of the board. This seems more efficient, but new posts should show up on the top, not the bottom.

6)css style changer (which would be simple just text color and background color changer to make it easier on ppl's eyes to read
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the ability to reply to posts in not needed, it would be more efficient to just number each post, then if someone was referencing a post they could just put the post number in the new post.
Also the htmlentity in the example post is interesting it seems to limit the amount of chars - too many words and the submit button don't work. Also hitting submit without a message does nothing either. kind of built in anti flood


it should be so simple that it does not have error checking messages… just reading and posting. More efficient and user friendly that way.


I put 2 simple textboards at https://github.com/4usacom
They are called textboard1 and textboard2 Each one is just like 5 lines of code! If you could improve on either it would be so awesome, the goal is just efficiency in case many boards were run. I will pay for any help!

File: 1579621976318.jpg (15.82 KB, 425x425, 47.jpg)


Could you make [create new thread] link that shows/collapses the post form? This makes browsing from mobile phones so much more enjoyable and looks nice. I really want to implement that in a production site. One example here - https://16chan.xyz/b/ (which is annoying because he intentionally made it not function from iphones) 4chan and npfchan has it too, probably the best looking is npfchan.
It is rather minor, but seems to really make a huge difference in the feel of the boards, especially from mobile. Check this out, then make sure to check it from mobile!! https://4usa.com/z1/ It makes probably the worse looking chan (viewed) from mobile phones (tinyib) look nice on mobile phones, way less awkward!
I can up the patreon for 1 month to whatever you want as payment for the mod. Maybe it would be easy to implement the npfchan style? Not sure, and i would rather have it done by a pro instead of just hacking something myself, as this will be on a production server.


By the way the example shown (the tinyib hack) runs from just one php file, that's it! The entire board is just a bit over 3k lines, but its all in one php file.


I have added a hide-post-form.js script that can add this functionality if you'd like it on your installation: https://github.com/Circlepuller/Tinyboard/commit/0884eb3089a60b25f268d669244499ee63107b08


awesome! I upped the patreon for a month, let me know if I owe ya anything more.

p.s- I was screwing around with the js, and some of it is not even working. It seems to be hit or miss. To make your mod simple and efficient, did you ever think about taking out potentially dangerous js like user added js under the options? I suppose user css is safe, but wow the ability to add user js is nuts, isn't it?


Ever hear of lynxchan? At least if you had a lynxchan site you would be having a shitty site that not one person comes to and a patreon acct with zero subscribers - but at least it would be modern. A php site like this with thousands of lines of code just to post a file is nothing short of absolutely laughable and just shows what an idiot you are.
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You are a racist against black ppl, a fat slob, and its fucking laughable that you think thousands of lines of code is needed for a fucking imageboard. Oah and php 7.4 has been a out a long time, douchebag.


Have you even bothered trying to run Tinyboard on 7.4 yourself? You seem pretty salty, and idk why you're posting insults in here thinking I'm going to actually respond in any positive way to them. Also I have no idea why you're babbling about "thousands of lines of code" - I never defended the need for it nor said it wasn't possible without. There's several examples of imageboard software running with a low code base (TinyIB comes to mind).

Throwing the race card makes no sense here either, lmao.

Like I said earlier, Tinyboard is a hobby for me. If you don't like what I've done to it, seriously just pack up and leave.


your version calls on tons of private github repos which is thousands of lines of code. Your version is not secure and you are fat.


Me and 200 black ppl are going to have a protest outside your workplace. Shame on you for being a racist with a shitty and not secure imageboard with thousands of lines of unnecessary code! What a fat racist!


File: 1576950894414.jpg (23.72 KB, 665x574, amiretarded.jpg)

Lmao my sides, 0 to 100


1) is your board able to run on php 7.4 yet?
2) you say you took out some of the unnecessary code on the repo, but then since one has to use composer, it essentially ads thousands and thousands of lines of code from all the dependancies in the composer files. THis seems both unnecessary and a profoundly huge security risk. So why is your way any safer or better than just installing vichan?



1.) I still can't guarantee it until it reaches Debian or Ubuntu Linux distributions, which I test it on. My guess is it should work just fine, I'm not aware of any specific compatibility issues, but you never know what can pop up from under the woodwork.

2.) I'd argue Composer keeps Tinyboard more secure by making security related updates to dependencies as simple as a command. If exposure of these files is a concern to you, I'd be using something like .htaccess to deny viewing access. Also, Github tracks security risks that your project may have if you use a Composer dependency file. vichan is not actively developed with the exception of paid support/security.

Also, I'd like you to know I'd appreciate if you didn't create a thread for each reply you have to my comments, as well as keep the uploaded content SFW on the SFW boards. Replying to a thread and following site rules should not be a chore. Thanks.

File: 1552500556997.jpg (23.98 KB, 219x255, 843b016a2eebc7142c02d8cea0….jpg)


When someone is in the admin panel, under recent posts/erase local data, when I click on erase local data it does nothing. What is that for?

2)would it be possible to have it so only a subject is required? I was thinking that doing so could possibly reduce server load and also make things easier for the user. Like if someone wants to just upload an image, if the body is required then the person just usually enters random keys in the comment like wsfr. Just an idea.


File: 1552501780117.bmp (944.55 KB, 1723x187, New Bitmap Image.bmp)

When one disables requiring anything, it is possible to just press send and it goes through as a blank post like in the pic. Would it be possible to put error correcting in there to prevent that? Also if one selects a file and also a youtube embed is entered, it they will not both show up in the post. Maybe error handling telling the person they can't do a file and embed?


Tinyboard already allows you to change the requirements of an OP post:
$config['force_body_op'] and $config['force_image_op']



No shit. But that's not what the question asked. Never mind anyway, php is for faggots, I found an imageboard coded in GoLang.


Lol okay


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